Past Sires

BREED: Braford

Racarmba Goggles

Way back in the Early 70s our foundation sires consisted of many great bulls, Stockhaven Pepper Man, Currajon Bailey, Clifton Soda, Dandaloo 222, Clifton Senator, Arabanga Pedro, Stockhaven Khans, Mt Lawless 30 and Rarcamba Goggles. Goggles is featured here because he is remembered fondly by Evon Marks as a stand out and favourite stud bull from back in the late 70s when Winvic operated a registered stud herd. After we mentioned Goggles in an article written for The Australian Braford Journal, his breeders Scott and Veronica Skerman, Rarcamba Stud Wandoan, kindly shared this photo of the impressive sire. Goggles enjoyed an illustrious show career before being purchased by Winvic at the 1979 National Braford Sale for $7000. He settled into stud duties for a number of years and had some female progeny recorded under the Winvic prefix. We like to think some of his descendants are still breeding on for us now. He certainly wouldn’t look out of place in today’s herd.