Current Sires

BREED: Brahman

Rockley LP Etheridge (IVF) (P) (AI SIRE)

Etheridge has become a favourite sire of ours. We are expecting our 3rd drop of calves by Etheridge in late 2021, we are so impressed with what he has produced so far. Selected for his light pigment and high growth for use over our best Hereford heifers, he blew us away when his yearling progeny topped the IMF scan results for the R Drop AI calves. It is especially exciting that his second joining has resulted in 3 sons out of our top IMF scan heifers, so we are very interested to see how these crossbred sons perform and scan up as yearlings in 2022. His progeny all have high growth and beautiful temperaments. His first daughters were early to cycle and have been yearling joined.